The third defining moment.

Critics of the Tea Party movement have spoken of guns, church, abortion and even insurrection. A prominent article published earlier this year in the New York Times alarmed its ill-informed readers by characterizing Tea Party people as militia types walking around with rifles and preparing for insurrection. Radical activist and convicted criminal Lyndon LaRouche was said to be typical of the leadership within the group. The fact that LaRouche has run for political office at least nine times, always and only on Labor or Democratic Party tickets did not deter the authors from connecting him with the Tea Party movement; nor did the fact that LaRouche chose the far left Ramsey Clark to be his defense attorney.

The most amazing, even amusing thing about the article is the authors seemed entirely genuine. They had not a clue how far off the mark they were. Members of the Press have sequestered themselves in a liberal bubble for so long that the walls of their self-imposed enclosure have become totally opaque. Even the brilliant ones are blind to, and ignorant of the world outside.

The Tea Party movement is perceived to be an eruption of old issues like abortion, guns, church and marriage by extremists who are anti-immigrant, anti-minority and anti-Obama only because he is Black and a Democrat. Whatever caused this unsophisticated lot to suddenly become so restless remains a total mystery. They just don’t get it. The only thing of which they are sure, is that any group that thinks a soccer mom can run the country better than a Harvard Law School graduate is a group to be feared and condemned, not one sought to be understood.

It is true, the old issues of abortion, guns and “In God we trust” are there. However, they are but a sidebar to the major concern of the people fast becoming known as the Tea Party Express. This is not about winning debates. It is about preserving the right of having debates. The Tea Party stands firmly athwart the path the nation is travelling toward totalitarian rule.

Obama is not the cause. He is the culmination. We sit at the end of a trend that began with Woodrow Wilson. It was extended by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson and is in the final stage of culmination by a (thus far) triumphant Barrack Hussein Obama.

Two significant events have shaped the land the world calls America, the parting from England and the Civil War. The third event stands before us. The November election is critical but we can survive whatever the result. If Obama wins re-election by a narrow margin in 2012 we will still have a slim chance of preserving our shining light. But if he wins it easily, it will mean the country has chosen another path.

Burke is the central figure.

Anyone who fails to vote this year or in 2012 is assuming an awesome responsibility. As the noted 18th century British statesman said “The only thing needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”.

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