Soon former-to-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi is campaigning within the Democratic side of the House for the position known as Minority Whip. Like an old Energizer battery, Pelosi won’t quit.

Good grief, Charlie Brown! Get the plunger! The swamp is not draining, This is going to be a bigger job than we thought. What drives the woman? Could it be she feels entitled to run the House? Does she aspire to be the General Patton for the Democratic Party? Hasn’t she slapped enough of her soldiers already? Like Patton, the lady certainly loves the fight and there is no better position from which to stick it to the Republicans. And then there is always the possibility she elitely believes it is the best position from which she can serve the American people and improve the world.

If the Democratic members of the House choose her to lead them again, and there is a good chance they will, it will be another instance of Stockholm Syndrome.

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