The Austerity Committee is meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Phoenix, AZ. The Ritz was chosen because the room rates don’t run more than $1,299 per night (double occupancy) and breakfast is included.

The official name of the revelers group is the Stimulus Prevention Committee. Spouses will not be accommodated, the steering committee said, due to the cost of transporting them. “We also must think of the image we project” the chairman said. “Besides, hiring entertainment locally is cheaper and more in keeping with modern politics.”

When the panel meets, probably not before noon, those who show up will discuss waste and fraud. Members have been carefully chosen for their expertise in the matters to be discussed.

It has been brought to our attention that the name of the committee is the Stimulus Waste Prevention Committee, not the Stimulus Prevention Committee. We have also learned it is not a prime committee. It is a sub-prime committee as it is a sub-committee of a committee estabished by a commission appointed by the Congress who created the Stimulus plan.

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