CNBC Poll: – Extend Bush Tax Cuts, Say Americans Worried About Economy

Obama: – “I convinced the American people. I had no problem with that. It was just the Republicans I couldn’t convince.”

Someone should tell the President four things he appears not to know:
1 He did not convince the American people.
2 Republicans are Americans too, the same as Democrats.
3 Democrats control the Senate, not republicans.

The President also said he had no choice but to accept the deal because he didn’t have 60 votes in the Senate. Yo, Barack! You only needed 51.

And can you explain some things for us, please? You spoke of “tens of millions” who needed that unemployment extension. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 15.1 million total unemployed in November. How did you get “tens of millions” eligible for extensions out of 15 million total unemployed?

You also said this deal would help the millions of hard working American families with low paying jobs that are struggling to meet the bills. We thought the unemployment benefit extension was for people who were out of work.

But you really scared me when you said American people were being held hostage by some Republicans. I called 911 and the people there didn’t know anything about it. I hope you were kidding because I was planning to go home for Christmas.

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