Rep. Anthony Weiner (D NY) says he’s sorry.  Of course he is.  He was caught.

“I take full responsibility”, he said repeatedly.  He also said he would not resign.  He made no apologies for slandering Andrew Breitbart and he gave short shrift to the grief he brought on his wife.  To Anthony Weiner, “full responsibility” is just a phrase you must repeat in the hope it will save your job.

Watching the Congressman’s public confessional indeed was a sad sight to behold on many fronts.  First there is the obvious hurt caused to family and friends.  Then there is the embarrassment that must have been felt by his staff and by the people who voted for him.  And finally, here is a disturbing thought; Rep. Weiner was the Democratic Party’s hopeful to win the seat of Mayor of New York City, and the office of Mayor of NYC is an entry point leading to a presidential candidacy for your party.

It was easy to feel sorry for the man as he fought the tears in that press conference.  But we have seen how vicious this man actually is.  Save your sympathy.  Weiner doesn’t deserve one bit of it.

Here is a video of Andrew Breitbart’s appearance on CBS this morning, Tuesday June 7, 2011.

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