In a poll released today, by Bloomberg, 30% of all those polled said they definitely will vote for Obama in 2012.  36% said they definitely will not.  Among likely voters the numbers are even more striking.  Only 23% said they definitely will vote for Obama while 37% said they definitely will not.  The Republican Party doesn’t need to win; they only need not to lose.

Tennis is said to be a Loser’s Game.  By that it’s meant that it’s the loser, not the winner, who determines the outcome.  The loser blows it and gives the game away.  The moral is, if you want to win just return the ball, don’t try to blow your opponents socks off.  In that case the coach should say, Mrs. Palin, Mr. Paul you’re out.  Look for Democrats to vote to nominate Palin in those states that allow cross voting for party nominations.  It could be their only hope.

Of course all this is predicated on an unstable foundation; which is that the economy doesn’t show much improvement in the next sixteen months.  A week is an eternity in politics.  But right now an election would be a landslide.

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