Utoya is a tiny island only a few acres in size.  A man dressed in a police uniform and heavily armed boarded the boat taking some of the children out to the island. After they landed he asked them to assemble. When they did he pulled out his guns and began firing into the group.


No one else on Utoya was armed so there was no way to stop his killing until a SWAT team was put together on the mainland and was able to reach the island. It was the worst man made disaster in Europe since the train bombing in Madrid. If anyone deserves the death penalty it is this man. But he won’t get it, not in Norway.

Now children’s camps everywhere are already planning how they must be armed. Can Armageddon be far behind? Or are we seeing a slow Armageddon, one step at a time?

As of July 23rd, the official death  count is 85 on the island and 7 in Oslo. Both numbers are expected to rise.
There is a good article in the New York Times here.

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