September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...

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Paul Krugman couldn’t bring himself to say one single decent thing about one single human being in his New York Times column on the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Center tragedy.  Thousands of real heroes, 2.977 victims, every one innocent, a solemn day of remembrance and this Nobel Prize winner cannot put his ideology aside to say one word in honor of the dead.  He uses the day only to vent his anger.  Hate consumes a man’s soul.

Forgive me for my immodesty, but I ask you to compare what this high school graduate wrote in the post below to what the New York Times just published by a Princeton professor with a PHD.  Now tell me, if you were the publisher of the world’s paper of record, which writer would you hire and which one would you fire? Would you go with the PHD or the common man?

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