As the world turns the Occupy groups evolve.  They are one thing today and another tomorrow.  They are one thing here and another thing over there.  Two days ago we reported on the movement’s better side.  Today we report on its ugly face.

Occupiers in New York desecrate the American flag by laying it on the ground and walking on it for the camera.

Occupiers in Portland, Oregon compose a song entitled “F*** AMERICA” and sing those lyrics on the street.

The movement has been given the official endorsement of The Communist Party USA

A crowd in Atlanta makes it clear they want to hear Democratic Congressman and civil rights hero John Lewis speak.  But a declared Marxist facilitator manipulates the crowd into denying Lewis the opportunity to speak.

An Occupy LA speaker says the time has finally come; it’s time for the militant revolution.

Barack Obama has voiced unqualified support to the Occupiers, without reservations or condemnation of any of their actions.  The movement is the direct result of class warfare launched and perpetuated by him with support from the press and the Democratic party.

We are witnessing a classic organizing technique in the Alinsky model being played out on a national scale and led by the world’s most renowned community organizer.  Alinsky called his rules tactics.  Tactic number 13 is “Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”.  Obama picked the banks, is freezing his target with endless repetition, polarizing it with attacks on millionaires and billionaires and personalizing it by relating it to the lack of jobs.

If you are dismayed by all this; you can’t say you weren’t warned.  As a candidate, the President said he would never turn his back on the “God damn America” preacher who gave him the inspiration for his life’s work.  And then he proudly proclaimed his community organizing experience as a prime qualification for his election to the presidency.  Sometimes you actually do get what you asked for.

Communist Party USA also supports the Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street Protests.

From the CPUSA website:

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