It was a street vendor in Tunisia and the facilitation of the Internet that led to the dictator’s death.  I am surprised Al Gore isn’t taking credit for it.  After all, he invented the internet.

Mohamed Bouazizi set his body on fire in a public act of suicide on January 4th when a Tunisian official confiscated the goods he was selling from his cart.  Public outrage went viral over the internet and the Arab Spring was sprung.  It was local rioting that started the action in Libya.  It was Libyan guerillas that carried out the fight.  It was a local guerilla that killed Gaddafi’s after he had been captured alive.  Obama has been busy assassinating other people.  But he never did get Gaddafi.

Of course, Obama is taking the credit for removing the brutal dictator from power.  Let’s remember that when the al qaeda-like Muslim Brotherhood takes control.  France and Europe beware; your invaders are gaining control of your oil supply.  Ladies, put your burkas on, stay in the house and prepare to share your husbands.  United Nations, congratulations!  You have a new candidate to chair the Human Rights Council.

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