Some polls show Romney clearly in the lead.  Others show the election is still close.  None show Obama with a clear lead.  And the election is tomorrow so the polls are saying Romney will be the winner.  The crowds coming out to Romney and Ryan appearances are huge and growing.  The attendance at Obama’s campaign stops is shrinking.

Ryan is making a great impression on the voters as shown by the huge crowds his appearances are attracting.  Biden continues to make a fool of himself wherever he goes.  The ratio of campaign fund contributions received is far more favorable to Republicans than has been the case for many years.  Obama has lost much of the Catholic vote and has even lost support from the normally solidly Democratic Jewish sector.

There is another observation that I think is very telling although not at all scientific.  It’s the Lawn Sign and Bumper Sticker Predictor.  I live in a part of the country where it takes real courage to show outward support for any Republican.  Think of it as a village of thousands of Chris Matthews.  In 2008, Obama bumper stickers were everywhere while McCain stickers were all but non- existent.  This year Romney’s name is seen as often as Obama’s.  Lawn signs are fewer in number.  Significantly notable to the careful observer is that  the strings of signs promote all of this year’s Democratic contenders often with the exception of Obama/Biden.

Swing voters by definition are the one group that can be depended upon to vote for whomever they think is the best candidate irrespective of party.  Obama’s appeal to voters by promising that if re-elected he will satisfy their desire for “revenge” contrasts sharply against Romney’s promise for a Bigger and Better America.  Swing voters are the last group likely to share Obama’s rage and be looking for revenge.

We are in the last hour and the President looks like toast.  How could he possibly come out the winner?  Voter fraud.  Remember, this has become the Party of Saul Alinsky and Chicago machines, the Party of ends justify the means.  Fraudulent votes do not show up in the polls before the election.  However, the signs are telling me it will be a landslide for Romney/Ryan that will overwhelm whatever voter fraud can be mustered.

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