The Washington Post reported today that the president is considering appointing Sen. John Kerry to the post of Secretary of Defense.  My first reaction was one of disbelief.  I doubled checked the source; could I somehow have logged onto the National Enquirer by mistake?  It is not my nature to do “untils.”  I do not sit on flagpoles or refuse to eat until… whatever.  However, occasionally there comes a time for an exception in most anything.  RandomThots has always shown respect for the office of the President of the United States of America.  But this man has tarnished the office and is transforming the nation from the United States of America into the Disunited States of Something-Or-Other.  If the paper’s story proves to be accurate, the time will have come for an exception.  Unless and until we see a complete transformation of Barack Obama, he will be referred to in these pages as the president, not the President.

Other than the value of insult, pray tell exactly what qualifications does John Kerry have to be the head of the United States military?  And if insult is his purpose, why didn’t Obama pick Jane Fonda?  What’s next, Bill Ayers for Secretary of State?

Remember this?  The picture was taken right after Kerry made some disparaging characterization about our soldiers.  At least our troops have a good sense of humor.


  1. It makes perfect sense. He can offer all kinds of ketchup and other condiments to Third World countries. Of course, that all depends on whether Michelle will approve it.

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