This came in my email.  Sandy left me backlogged so I am not certain what post was referenced.  However the message is clear.  It is time for courage and reflection.  It is not time to give up.

“I’m on the road today, enroute to London for meetings with underwriters, so am using my iPhone. Since I haven’t figured out how to comment in Random Thots with this contraption (designed by a devout Socialist named Steve Jobs, I might add), I decided to send this comment directly to you.

Today’s message was especially well-timed. I know that most -if not all- of my conservative friends are more despondent and non-communicative than ever before. The Lindbaughs and Millers and Hannitys etc are all screaming “The end of the world is here!” and I’m too stubborn to join them as they jump off the cliff. Many of my friends are truly fearful to even send email comments – fearing the Obama KGB are collecting the data for a planned purge. Not me.

Anyway, I think your message today was enlightening.  It helped me take a deep breath and know that pulling historical messages into the forefront gives people the courage to do the same. I have faith that it is not time to surrender. In my mind, that time is never.”

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