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Obamacare was not unusual in that few if any of our representatives in the House and the Senate read the Bill before signing it. The practice is common.  Nancy Pelosi’s famous statement  may have been more a simple Freudian slip than anything else.

The video is NOT about Obamacare.  Rand Paul explains how voting for Bills whose content is unknown is part of the normal process.


Paul Krugman has good news for Californians and all Americans, particularly your grandchildren and those who are still just a wink in the eye of their parents.  There is no debt problem after all.  Sounds a bit radical but it can’t be.  The president said the very same thing in a meeting with the Speaker of the House.

According to the gospel of Paul, NYT: Jan 17

“The budget deficit isn’t our biggest problem, by a long shot. Furthermore, it’s a problem that is already, to a large degree, solved.” –  and – “(Similar things are happening at the state and local levels — for example, California appears to be back in budget surplus.)”

I say, give the man a handicap sticker for his car.  He is as blind as a bat.

With no apologies for the lack of a segway, here is a thought from a man whose vocabulary was bigger than a dictionary, William F. Buckley.  Buckley said that while the Left says it is open to other points of view, it always shocks them to discover that there are other points of view.


Our neighbor to the North looks over the fence and is aghast at what he sees; a once great nation walking, yea running down the stairs to degradation having chosen the socialist paths of Europe that led Europe to its current economic crisis and chaos.





The Washington Post reported today that the president is considering appointing Sen. John Kerry to the post of Secretary of Defense.  My first reaction was one of disbelief.  I doubled checked the source; could I somehow have logged onto the National Enquirer by mistake?  It is not my nature to do “untils.”  I do not sit on flagpoles or refuse to eat until… whatever.  However, occasionally there comes a time for an exception in most anything.  RandomThots has always shown respect for the office of the President of the United States of America.  But this man has tarnished the office and is transforming the nation from the United States of America into the Disunited States of Something-Or-Other.  If the paper’s story proves to be accurate, the time will have come for an exception.  Unless and until we see a complete transformation of Barack Obama, he will be referred to in these pages as the president, not the President.

Other than the value of insult, pray tell exactly what qualifications does John Kerry have to be the head of the United States military?  And if insult is his purpose, why didn’t Obama pick Jane Fonda?  What’s next, Bill Ayers for Secretary of State?

Remember this?  The picture was taken right after Kerry made some disparaging characterization about our soldiers.  At least our troops have a good sense of humor.


Rush Limbaugh and much of the punditry have been charging forth with the exclamation that Obama’s victory was all about “free stuff.”  It was about free stuff but it wasn’t all about free stuff.

If it were all about free stuff how would you explain George Soros.  He didn’t back Obama to get a free phone and food stamps.  If color didn’t play a part how do you explain why 97% of voters in 13 heavily black Philadelphia districts voted for Obama?  If it was all about getting free stuff how do you explain the overwhelming support of millionaires and billionaires in Hollywood who stand to see their net incomes disproportionately reduced by Obama’s vow that he will raise their taxes?

It was about free stuff from phones to Obamacare, but it was also about color, guilt and a collection of true believers, the supporters who Lenin dubbed useful idiots.  The election was about a lot of things.

When over the years you have lost academia, the youth, the main stream media, the entertainment industry, voting immigrants, the Jewish vote and even the conservationists, by what reasoning do you think you can win an election against a black man who, in addition to the above has over 90% of the black vote?

The Great American Experiment lifted more people out of poverty than any other form of government in history but now we are going to try something else.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill the voters have chosen to abandon the path of unequal prosperity and start down the road to equal misery.






It’s irresponsible; it’s unpatriotic and I am doing more of it.  I am Barack Hussein Obama and I want your vote.


For Veterans of the U.S.Navy (Veterans spelled with a capital V for respect) are familiar with those three words.  When “Now hear this” was broadcast throughout the ship over the squawk box you knew some significant announcement was about to take place.  It didn’t have the urgency of the raucous man-your-battle-stations alarm, but it usually was something important like “The number two evaporator is back on line so the showers will be operational again from oh six hundred to oh six thirty tomorrow morning.”  Or it might be the announcement of the name of the movie that would be playing in the mess hall that night.  Whatever it was, it was usually something you wanted to know.

Now hear this.  Andrew Klavin may be seen, actually we should say may be read, on the internet right now.  Best known for his entertaining message filled films and video productions, Klavin is no slouch with a pen either.  His prose production is entitled A Fantasy Election, an Imaginary Man and the tagline is Barack Obama has always been less real than a dream—a media dream.  It’s about an empty man in a real chair.

The Army has a phrase too; it’s “Listen up!” which is usually followed by a command.  So whether you are a soldier of the earth or a man of the sea, listen up and now read this.  It’s not an order but it’s better than most of the movies they play in the mess hall.