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Rush Limbaugh and much of the punditry have been charging forth with the exclamation that Obama’s victory was all about “free stuff.”  It was about free stuff but it wasn’t all about free stuff.

If it were all about free stuff how would you explain George Soros.  He didn’t back Obama to get a free phone and food stamps.  If color didn’t play a part how do you explain why 97% of voters in 13 heavily black Philadelphia districts voted for Obama?  If it was all about getting free stuff how do you explain the overwhelming support of millionaires and billionaires in Hollywood who stand to see their net incomes disproportionately reduced by Obama’s vow that he will raise their taxes?

It was about free stuff from phones to Obamacare, but it was also about color, guilt and a collection of true believers, the supporters who Lenin dubbed useful idiots.  The election was about a lot of things.

When over the years you have lost academia, the youth, the main stream media, the entertainment industry, voting immigrants, the Jewish vote and even the conservationists, by what reasoning do you think you can win an election against a black man who, in addition to the above has over 90% of the black vote?

The Great American Experiment lifted more people out of poverty than any other form of government in history but now we are going to try something else.  To paraphrase Winston Churchill the voters have chosen to abandon the path of unequal prosperity and start down the road to equal misery.


George Soros says dig deeper. Watch the brief video here.

He recommends more government spending to bolster a fragile recovering economy. ‘But don’t spend it on consumption’ he says, “spend it on infrastructure.”

But broad based consumption is very the heart of of a strong economy. Infrastructure is just one industry and a union dominated one at that. Soros is talking about Barack’s bridges and roads. Government owns the bridges and roads. Old George is calling for bigger government and greater debt as a way to strengthen the economy. Perhaps he believes that old adage that if you dig deep enough you will come out in China.

I happen to believe Soros is an honorable man. But he grew up in a Communist country and still buys the idea that socialism is the best system, if you can just get leaders to do it right. How can a smart man like Soros be so wrong? For one thing, great wealth, like great fame, is an isolater. It separates you from the rest of the world. Add the guilt many feel for having the wealth and you have reasons enough to see why a good man can be so wrong.


“George Soros Tells Progressive Donors Obama Might Not Be The Best Investment” Huffington Post Nov 17, 2020

Could there be a new machine in the making? In professional sports it’s the man with the money that owns the team. He picks the players and decides who will be the coach. He controls the team but may never play in the game. In baseball it’s called Steinbrenner (R.I.P.) at work. In governance it’s called a political machine. The ‘head of the machine is called the “boss.”

We have in our family an old coin bank sitting on the mantel over the fireplace. In antique circles it is known as the “Tammany bank.” It is a cast iron sculpture of Boss Tweed sitting high on a throne-like chair with an upraised arm. If you put a coin in his hand, the arm drops down, the coin falls into his jacket pocket and his head nods to say thanks.

The little bank is named after Tammany Hall which was the name given to the New York political machine circa 1880. Best known among other political machines are Huey Long who controlled Louisiana from New Orleans for decades and the Daley machine which has controlled Chicago and Cook County since 1955. All are of the Democratic Party.

There has never been a Washington machine. George Soros has the money and the opportunity to be the first “Boss” of a Federal machine. He clearly wants to see a Socialist in the White House.