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For Veterans of the U.S.Navy (Veterans spelled with a capital V for respect) are familiar with those three words.  When “Now hear this” was broadcast throughout the ship over the squawk box you knew some significant announcement was about to take place.  It didn’t have the urgency of the raucous man-your-battle-stations alarm, but it usually was something important like “The number two evaporator is back on line so the showers will be operational again from oh six hundred to oh six thirty tomorrow morning.”  Or it might be the announcement of the name of the movie that would be playing in the mess hall that night.  Whatever it was, it was usually something you wanted to know.

Now hear this.  Andrew Klavin may be seen, actually we should say may be read, on the internet right now.  Best known for his entertaining message filled films and video productions, Klavin is no slouch with a pen either.  His prose production is entitled A Fantasy Election, an Imaginary Man and the tagline is Barack Obama has always been less real than a dream—a media dream.  It’s about an empty man in a real chair.

The Army has a phrase too; it’s “Listen up!” which is usually followed by a command.  So whether you are a soldier of the earth or a man of the sea, listen up and now read this.  It’s not an order but it’s better than most of the movies they play in the mess hall.