You did well if you took a vacation from the political scene over the Easter weekend. But now it is Monday and the laundry must be done. Here is a collection of events that you may have missed.

Obama claims he has saved the nation from bankruptcy
AP reports: Obama says he did a full court press for a health care system remake because “this country was going to go bankrupt” [without it].

Florida doctor puts sign on door
Backlash from the medical community has begun. If you want Obamacare please find another doctor, was the essence of the announcement this doctor posted on his door.

British MP calls an end to special relationship with America
It appears the Brits have had enough of Obama’s insults, or maybe it was our position on the Falklands. Member of Parliament Mike Gapes, speaking as chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee said the time has come for Britain to drop the idea that there exists a special relationship with the United States. Can you blame them, after our President has already expressed the same sentiment.

Obama has caused America to lose a good friend. Perhaps he will find some new ones for us.

Bob B

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