From the Wall Street Journal

On Thursday, [March 25] the president challenged Republicans who planned to campaign on repealing his healthcare bill with the taunt, “Go for it.” Two days later, he made 15 senior appointments without Senate consent, including a union lawyer whose nomination had been blocked by a filibuster.

At a bill-signing event Tuesday, he is set to laud passage of higher-education legislation that was approved despite Republican objections through a parliamentary maneuver that neutralized the party’s filibuster threat. [With this move Obama effectively nationalized the student loan business.]

Democrats attached to the bill a major overhaul of student-lending laws, which eliminated a federal subsidy for private tuition lenders, federalized most student loans and plowed the savings into expanded federal higher education aid. Republicans say the bill will destroy the private student-lending market. [Without the subsidy private lenders will be unable to compete with the rates offered by the government.]

Mr. Alexander, the Tennessee Republican, called the student-loan move “really brazen” and “the most under reported, biggest Washington takeover in history.”

Obama exhibits more incidents of arrogance in a couple days than Bush did in 8 years. But it is not only Obama, Pelosi’s big gavel parade through the Tea Party gathering rubbing their noses in defeat was beneath contempt. How anyone can still be proud to be a Democrat is beyond my understanding.

When it is not arrogance, it’s stupid honesty.
Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) defended the ObamaCare bill on radio station WJR’s Paul W. Smith show. The host asked why, with the Democrats controlling both houses, it took so long to get the bill passed. Dingell told Smith that it takes a lot of hard work and preparation to create a system that will “control the people.”

Maxine Waters also spoke honestly when she said “Socialism is the goal”

We touched on arrogance and honesty. We will leave ignorance and evil for another day.

Bob B

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