A Rasmussen poll puts Ron Paul in a dead heat with Barack Obama, 42 to 41 percent. Why are Ron Paul’s poll numbers so high? Because people are fed up with Washington, that’s why. Clinton soiled our house with Monica. Bush took us on a hunting trip for a target that did not exist and spent like a Democrat. Obama is selling America short around the world and leading us into bankruptcy at home. Taxes are going up and health care is going down.

Along comes Ron Paul, riding into this melee of disgust with his Libertarian message to eliminate the federal government, or at least a big part of it. He wants to bring all the troops home, end foreign aid, abolish the IRS and the Department of Health and Education. Hip! Hip! Hooray! for Ron Paul!…However, Paul’s popularity is a but a primal scream.

He has no chance of winning the nomination for the Republican party. His popularity will wane with time as sane Americans see him as a bit of a nut. It is one thing to cheer him on between elections but quite another to put him up as your candidate. Both conservatives and Republicans know that. However, the man is tenacious and has a loyal hard core constituency. President – no, spoiler – maybe, but only if he bolts the party.

Bob B

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