God and the Soldier, we adore,
In time of danger, not before.
The danger passed and all things righted,
God is forgotten and the Soldier slighted.

~Rudyard Kipling

Warren Buffet, latest Democratic special interest.

Warren Buffet once said derivative are “financial weapons of mass destruction.” He is currently lobbying Congress to put a couple words in the financial reform bill that will enable him to hang on to his 63 billion dollar derivatives portfolio. The Wall St Journal points out,
“The battle over the provision shows how lobbying by businesses and lawmakers to insert just a few words into a complex bill can have a major impact on the country’s biggest companies.”

No More Beer Summits

Andrew Breitbart reminds us of the incident in Boston when a policeman temporarily detained an individual forcing entry into a house. Obama, knowing only that the policeman was white and the individual forcing entry was black assumed it was racial harassment. Obama held a beer summit of all involved by way of apology.

Breitbart suggests obliquely that another beer summit might be in order, one hosted by the spit and slur claimers. He has written a good summary of this incident that did not happen. Don’t miss it.

Bob B

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