Around the states

NY Governor Paterson has said that 22% of New York State revenues come from Wall St taxpayers. The Governor has expressed concern that the proposed new laws may result in erosion of New York City’s status as the world’s financial center. We at Random Thots believe there is more pomp and circumstance than there is substance in the current condemnations of Goldman Sachs, et al. Some senators are making noise, but there is little to fear from the administration on this score. Still, it is a bit disturbing to see the reputation of our financial institutions tarnished beyond what would be necessary for honest reform.

The only state in the nation with a sizable population and without a budget shortfall is Texas. Others are Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and West Virginia. It is notable that all of them, including Texas are “red” states. They are states filled with the sort of people who take pride in self reliance and individualism. Their geography has help to save them from the fates of Oregon and Vermont whose natural beauty and proximity to liberal dominated populations have seen their cultures inverted by invasion from their neighbors.

If you are searching for a decent Democrat, a man of good character, you will find many. I would nominate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oh, I know, he ran on the Republican ticket but he governs as would a Democrat. He may be the only (R) governor in the country to give full support to Obamacare. It will take a Republican to pull California out of the hole. Arnold won’t do it.

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