On May 3rd we wrote

[T]here are two visions of social justice. One is of equal treatment and equal opportunity. This vision is a bedrock of American belief, the reason the United States is seen as the Land of Opportunity. The result however, is unequal outcome because people are not equal in terms of ability and application. The second vision of social justice calls for equal status, equal outcome. To achieve equal status you must take from the top and give to the bottom. This is unequal treatment. [T]his is the Marxist vision of social justice.

On May 5th Al Sharpton said

We Won’t Have True Social Justice Until Everything Is ‘Equal in Everybody’s House’

No, the Reverend did not need to read Random Thots to come up with the idea that social justice requires private property to be re-distributed until all people have been brought to equal economic status. Marx was not the first to think of it either. It is born of envy and it was envy that led Cain to kill Abel.

Bob B

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I am unable to embed the video of Al Sharpton’s speach. It was given in Danbury, Connecticut and may be seen on Breitbart or Naked Emperor News.

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