Regarding the Greek crisis today in the New York Times we read,

“…the basic problem is the same. Both countries have a bigger government than they’re paying for.”

“We have not figured out the kind of government we want. We’re in favor of Medicare, Social Security, good schools, wide highways, a strong military — and low taxes. Dealing with this disconnect will be the central economic issue of the next decade, in Europe, Japan and this country.

Many people, including some who claim to be outraged by the deficit, still haven’t acknowledged the disconnect.”

One begins to wonder if it is really the New York Times one is reading. The paper of record continues, “…politicians, spendthrift as some may be, are not the main source of the problem. We, the people, are.” First mention on the list of those responsible for governmental overspending goes to Tea Party members. All doubts are removed; it is indeed the New York Times.

The article characterizes Obama’s promise of no tax increase for those earning less than 250,000 as unrealistic. That’s kind of them. The Chief Economist at Treasury is quoted, “It’s not a matter of whether we have the resources to solve our problems, it’s a matter of political will.” and the NYT adds their own comment “For now at least, our elected officials are hardly the only ones who lack that will.”

Can’t blame Bush, he’s gone. Can’t blame the current administration, that’s against newspaper policy. Can’t blame politicians while the Democrats are in control. That leaves the public. My fellow American’s, pleased be advised, you and I are the problem, not Washington.

Bob B

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