D Day was the second day of WW II to go down in infamy. December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day was the first. On D Day the Allies stormed the beaches of Normandy, France and put boots on the ground in German held territory. .It was a day thousands gave their lives to rid the world of a bloody genocidal tyrant.

A memorial was built to honor those who fell that day. Bedford, Virginia was chosen as the site in recognition of the fact Bedford lost more men per capita that day than any other town or village in the country. Every June 6th.a ceremony is held; Presidents come to pay their respects on behalf of millions of Americans, Presidents that is, except Barack Obama who chose instead to go to a theatre party this year.

Hitler is credited with the murder of 6 million people. Evil though he was, he was outdone 10 times over by Stalin who is credited with the intended starvation and killing of 60 million of his own countrymen. Last year we dispatched a bust of Winston Churchill from the White House, an affront to the people of Britain. This year we added a bust of Josef Stalin to the D Day memorial, an affront to those who died to free the world of the evil Stalin represents. No, this sculpture by a Lynchburg college professor is not but an affront; it is a dishonor, a despicable slap in the face of the dead.


Bob B

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