If you wanted to raise a little revenue and tax an industry whose product or service is not conducive to good health what industry would you choose. Hint: another objective is to discourage poor health habits and reduce the expense of healthcare. Would you choose fast food outlets widely attended by a broad spectrum of people or tanning salons only attended by a few white people? As you go about your day, do you notice that too many people are too fat, or that too many white people are too tan?

The Democrats were telling the truth, as they sometimes do, when they said you will not know what is in the Obamacare bill until after it passes into law. Included is a 10% tax on the services of tanning salons. The rational is that tanning is unhealthy and the revenue will reduce the cost of healthcare. It’s a joke, a practical joke. It is hard to imagine a tanning tax having been anything else. Whoever came up with the idea must be grinning from ear to ear.

The Washington Post addresses the issue under the heading “Tan tax discussions include allegations of reverse racism”. It’s time to call racism racism. If there is any such thing as ‘reverse racism’, it is affirmative action, intended to reverse the effects of racism. Otherwise racism is racism, so let’s call it that.

Is the ‘tan tax’ an act of racism? As GW might say – I cannot be the decider of that.  Only the concepter knows.

Bob B,  back from the sea

“A liberal is someone who wants to reach into your  shower and adjust the water.”  [or your tanning lamp]   William F. Buckley, Jr.

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