They are not going home. They are migrating to other states where looser law prevails. This can only increase tensions between the states.

Arizona is not taking an ideological stance, the state is fighting for its very survival. The situation is not well understood by those outside of the state of Arizona. The problem is not one of having too having many migrant workers, the problem is one of halving too many violent thugs. The criminal element in Mexico is drawn to the northern border. That’s where the money is, in transporting drugs and wetbacks across the border.

Crime is everywhere and every kind. Law enforcement on the Mexican side is all but non-existent. The small towns on the Arizona side are overwhelmed. The unfortunate irony is, those who move out will be the best of the bunch. The drug traffickers will remain.

This is not the first time there has been serious trouble on the Mexican border. In 1916 border violence became such a problem that 15,000 State Militiamen were called into service to put down the violence led by Poncho Villa and his acolytes. But 15,000 were not enough. President Woodrow Wilson had to send 75,000 National Guardsmen under the leadership of General Pershing to restore law and order.

Bob B

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