When there is only one provider of a service, the quality of the service is sure to decline. When the provider is deeply in debt, some of the services will surely be curtailed. When the service is health care, some people will die. When the provider of the service is the government there is nothing you can do about it but wait until Election Day and cast your one vote.

Obama has promised competition and choice will remain. He lies. That’s a bold assertion but how else can you phrase it when you have seen and heard him tell selected audiences that single payer is the goal, but it needs to be achieved gradually because of the opposition to it? The bill just passed is but the intended first step in Obamacare.

The British people have lived with a single provider system for many years. Here is a link to a news item of how “free health care” failed one young woman in England. Be forewarned, you will need a strong stomach to read it.

Each of us has but one precious vote. Cast yours in memory of Jo Dowling.

Bob B

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