Ok, citizens, you’ve had your lecture, now toe the line! With a tightness of lip and bit of emotion in his voice your President has commanded you to respect all Muslims without distinction, including those who laud the killing of your sons, your daughters, your wives and your husbands on that fateful September day. He says that is the American way.

Mr. Obama, my response is a fervent as your command. I do not share your Muslim roots, Mr. Obama, but I do have something you don’t. I have on my desk my World Trade Center photo ID. I was not in the building that day but the horror is real to me. When you have seen people falling, story by story to their ugly deaths you lose all will to honor the technically legal rights of those who in turn, honor the Muslims who slit the throats of the pilots and flew the planes into the towers.

Mr. Obama, let me tell you a story, a true story. From an upper floor, above where the first plane hit, a young woman of Oriental descent phoned her mother. Upon conveying the agony of unbearable heat, her mother advised she put modesty aside and remove her blouse. I tried, the daughter replied, but I can’t. It’s melted into my skin. That young woman died that day. By what moral authority do you ask us to look the other way. That is but one story, I’m sure there are more.

I ask you, Mr. Obama, what do you know of the American way? You who wept and found your calling in the pew of the “God Damn America” church of Black Liberation Theology. Nothing but nothing, is more antithetical to the American way than the Marxist teachings of Liberation Theology.

We chose you for our leader. But you who promised so much have given so little. You promised to heal, then you salted our wounds. The greatest irony of all is that your Presidency may turn out to be the second worst thing for which America has only herself to blame. The first was slavery.

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  1. Wonderful piece

  2. An EXCELLENT commentary, Bob: Thank you and God bless you.

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