The following has been taken and edited from an article originally published at Town Hall by Random Thots on June 03, 2009 under the title “Does Obama Really Loathe America?

From a UK newspaper, the Telegraph,
“No leader in American history has gone to greater lengths than Barack Obama to make amends for his own country. From condemnation of American “arrogance” in a speech in Strasbourg to acknowledging U.S. “mistakes” before millions of Muslims on Arab television, Obama has rarely missed an opportunity to apologize for the actions of the American people.

President Obama has elevated the art of national self-loathing to new heights, and seems to delight in prostrating the most powerful nation on the face of the earth before its critics and rivals, especially on foreign soil.”

From Michelle Obama,
Upon the nomination of her husband,
“I have never been proud of America, until now”

Later, when speaking to a group of children at a school,
“America is downright mean”

From the man whom Obama most looked to for guidance in his life,
“America lies! Lies! Lies! God damn America ! “

From Obama’s community organizing comrade,
I only regret we did not do even more bombing of American facilities (paraphrased).

From the Russian newspaper PRAVDA,
“Like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed.”

“The final collapse has come with the election of Barack Obama”

Obama banished the bust of Churchill from the White House and sent it back to Britain.
Obama smiled and thanked Hugo Chavez for his gift of a book condemning America.
Obama accepted without comment the prominent display of a Che Guevara poster in one of his local campaign offices.
Obama launched his Senatorial campaign from the home of a man who told the New York Times in 2001 that the notion of the United States as a just and fair and decent place “makes me want to puke.”
In New Orleans Obama said “We had to realize that we were no longer the America we had hoped to be…but here’s the good news America was ashamed and shocked.”

Does this not all add up to something? Who is this man? What are his real beliefs, his real goals?

Author Pamela Geller has undertaken the task of providing some answers to those questions in her recently released book, The Post-American Presidency, The Obama Administration’s War on America. Here is a sampling of chapters: Obama and American Exceptionalism, Obama and Jews, An Islamo-Christian Nation, Destroying the Prestige of America.

We recommend the book.
Disclaimer: The author’s blog, Atlas Shrugs, is a long time member of Random Thots prestigious and exclusive blogroll.

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