The Lincoln Memorial is in the news again. We are reminded of an incident that took place on its steps in June. A group of high school students from Georgia were on a tour of all the Washington D.C. memorials. As they stood in awe below that towering statue of Abraham Lincoln one of them spontaneously started to sing the National Anthem. Others joined in. It promised to be one of those special moments, a delightful mix of lack of talent and love of land.

But the government stopped it immediately. One participant said they had hardly finished the second bar when a National Park Service officer stepped forth and declared “demonstrations” are not allowed. But there were no signs; there was no “demonstration”. The officer said “The grounds must remain neutral”. Neutral? Showing pride in our country is not allowed in National Parks?

A rustling went through the small group of youngsters – this is America – why can’t we sing? – I can’t believe this. Then, once again they broke into spontaneous song. Only this time they sang the anthem through to the end.

Dear friends, there is hope for America. In fact, with youth like these, there is more than hope. There is assurance. Here is the inspiring video.

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