The job of a community organizer is not to organize for efficiency  and a smoother running society. The job is more like that of a union organizer. It is to stir up people, get them angry and then focus their anger in a direction that gives power to the organizer. The job is not to unite, but to divide; to divide and conquer.

Obama is dividing the country. He seems not to care. His poll ratings are in free fall. He seems not to care. His party is going to get thrashed in November. He seems not to care. Arizona is enforcing the law. About that, he cares. His Justice Department has just instituted another lawsuit against Arizona law enforcement.

Obama’s chances for a second term look grim. He seems not to care. He must have a plan. What could it be?  He has over 2 years to push for an amnesty program with voting rights. It is a rank speculation, but could that be part of the plan?

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