We have noticed some recent headlines and comments that indicate the business world is beginning to understand the Obama Administration.

“Companies are turning in healthy profits, and are sitting on a record-breaking pile of cash — nearly $1 trillion and growing.” They are reluctant to invest in growth until the the content of new laws becomes clear.

“Ben Bernanke said last week that there is “unusual uncertainty” about the nation’s economic outlook”

“This is not an environment that encourages spending and commitment,” said Howard Silverblatt, a senior index analyst with S&P.”

“These are fundamental concerns,” said Goldstein. “There’s a reason why businesses and consumers are nervous about where we are, and where we are headed”

“Finance Overhaul Casts Long Shadow on the Plains” Farmers are coming to understand that they may not be able to hedge their crops under the new financial reform laws.

“Morgan Stanley Says Government Defaults Inevitable”

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were strong supporters of Obama when he was running for office. We have yet to hear from them.

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