“One Nation Working Together”

Power Line comments on the  “One Nation Working Together” rally in Washington:

1) Four hundred organizations, including all the major labor unions, the NAACP, the Sierra Club, Code Pink, the Green Party, the Communist Party, Planned Parenthood and hundreds more were not able to turn out as many people as Glenn Beck.

2) One of the stated purposes of the gathering was to protest against lack of civility in public discourse. The program was opened by Ed Schultz.

Item 2 is good for a laugh and a cry. No one in public discourse, not even Keith Olberman, is less civil than Ed Schultz. If you don’t know him you must watch one full program of his on MSNBC,  6pm EST. Force yourself. You must know your adversaries. You cannot speak about a man with authority if you have not observed him for yourself.

What is striking about Power Line’s item 1 is the motley crowd of supporters. Have you ever been embarrassed to know Michael Savage is on your side? It beats knowing that your agenda coincides with that of Code Pink and the Communist Party.

2 responses to ““One Nation Working Together”

  1. You must live in Idaho. In my corner of the world everyone listens to ‘O’, and only ‘O’. Thanks for your encouraging comment.
    Bob B

  2. “You must know your adversaries.” Well-put, Bob: I am apalled when I think of how many people I am acquainted with that refuse to listen to anything the Big ‘O’ or any other liberal person or group say. They use the excuse that they “can’t stand…” the person or group. Well, neither can I, but when I know more about what they are doing, I can do something about it.

    I believe we are facing an enormously strong adversary that is so closely aligned with Marxist-Leninist (yes, I’m adding Leninist to the label) programs that they are capable of anything that the Soviets and Chinese did to rein in the freedoms of their people. Anything. Listen and watch them, folks. You will learn what to do next.

    Thank you, Bob, for keeping the light of Freedom lit in one more corner of our room.

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