Congress is not in session. The Democratic leadership closed up shop until after the election.  That leaves voters in the dark with regard to the coming tax increases. You know increases are coming but you don’t know how much. That’s by design.

Right now the Democrats greatest fear is a stalemate. Advancement of the liberal agenda will come to a halt if Republicans win control of the house. The window will be slammed shut on tax increases for at least two years. The Democrats ace-in-the-hole is the automatic tax increase that will occur if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire. That’s the plan.

To expose that hand before the election would be political suicide. No one votes for higher taxes. After the election all they have to do is … nothing. Or, to keep up appearances, debate the issue to death until the end of the year. They were unable to pass a budget for a whole year. Not passing a tax bill for a few weeks should be easy.

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