Obama is not a professional politician. He shows no concern for the damage he has done to his party. He has alienated Left, Right and Center. He doesn’t respond to circumstances and events like a professional politician. He neither thinks nor acts like a professional politician because he isn’t a professional politician. Obama is a professional radical.

Barack Obama has led the life of an organizer, an agitator, a revolutionary fighting for a cause. This has been his life. This is what he sees as his calling. He knows how to develop a following, how to work a crowd. Obama is a professional radical. He doesn’t know how to govern. He doesn’t care much about governing. He cares about change. His goal is nothing less than radical transformation of America.

Saul Alinsky gave barely a sentence about governing in his book Rules for Radicals. All he said was that governing was for someone else to do. The radical’s role is not to build, but to destroy. Not to lead, but to bring down the status quo paving the way for new leadership, radical transformational leadership that will emerge. Obama is well versed in radical activism. His associations with Ayers, Dorn, Rev. Wright, ACORN and the teachings of Saul Alinsky vouch for that. Now he’s learning that running a country is not as easy as manipulating an angry crowd.

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