In the beginning of Al Gore’s Michael Moore grade documentary entitled An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore walks on stage and says “I’m Al Gore. And I used to be the next president of the United States of America.” An attempt was made to steal that election, but it failed.

The margin was just a few hundred votes in favor of the opponent when the Democrats tried to prevent some of the overseas ballots intelligible to be counted. The Democrats are very much aware that the troops lean Republican and their only means of voting when deployed is with the overseas ballot form. No form – no vote.

Overseas ballot forms are not distributed by the federal government nor by the states. That responsibility is left to thousands of counties, boroughs and voting districts throughout the country. This decentralization of duty opens the possibility for pockets of manipulation. If one federal office or one entire state defaulted in their duty it would not be tolerated. But if a district or two is late in the bureaucratic function of mailing some forms it could be shrugged off as government as usual.

Additionally, when there are thousands of officials responsible for one function there will be more instances of failure, intentional or otherwise. It’s worthy of note that all the districts thus far known to be delinquent are heavily Democratic, all of New York City, that’s 5 failures, one for each borough, and Michigan, the home of Detroit.

Can this be called attempted voting fraud? Perhaps not, intent cannot be proven. But as someone (It may have been Confucius.) once said “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and squawks like a duck, it’s a duck.” So to dismiss them all as inadvertent coincidences “would require the suspension of disbelief.” (I know, that wasn’t Confucius). Thanks to some of the press, including the blogs, it looks like the necessary adjustments will be made and our troops will not be deprived of their votes, this time.

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