Audacity beyond hope

Juan Williams was not fired by NPR for what he said; he was fired for where he said it. Previously. NPR tried to put an end to Mara Liasson’s appearances on Brett Baer’s program. Ms Liasson is NPR’s top political correspondent. There was no issue with anything she said. NPR just didn’t want their image tainted by the appearance of one of their own on the Fox channel and asked her to reconsider her appearances. She reconsidered. She still appears. By not succumbing to the intimidation, Ms. Liasson has shown herself to be an honorable proponent of the Left.

NPR Chief Executive Officer Vivian Schiller blurted out her heart with “[Williams] views should stay between himself and his psychiatrist!”. Later her head, being more pragmatic, apologized “for my thoughtless remark..” Thoughtless maybe, revealing to be sure.

NPR was the last of the media to feign neutral objectivity. But now they have outted themselves. Juan Williams, like Joe Lieberman in the past, is feeling the wrath and the intolerance of the people whose views he has been championing. In its march to the left the Democratic party has left these two honorable men standing alone.

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