Alicia Shepard is the ombudsman for NPR. Writing in her official capacity for the network she said “Williams is controversial among NPR listeners because of his long-standing contract with Fox News, which he had before he joined NPR.”. Shepard wrote that back in 2009. The issue has been brewing for quite some time.

Please note it is “because of his contract”. The idea that any one of the elite of NPR has no more sense of decency than to walk into the Fox News building turns their stomach. The fact that he is providing balance to Fox probably angers them more.

Yesterday Shepard penned NPR’s response to the Williams dismissal. We start with the headline.

“NPR’s Firing of Juan Williams was poorly handled”

They should have fired him in a different manner?

“Juan Williams, once again got himself into trouble.”

Once again? You never told us about the first time. Got himself in trouble? Yes, I guess he did that by not quitting breaking his contract with Fox when he took the job at NPR.

“While on Fox, he shows his politically correct submissive Pro Fox bigotry for a few dollars more.”

Shepard did not say this directly. It is from a listener, the only listener she chose to quote out of the 6,800 response she said were received. Then she quotes the same listener further.

“NPR must take a stand against this bigotry and tell Williams he must choose NPR’s code [or] go to join the racist bigoted fearmongerers (sic) of Fox.”

The quotes were given without qualification or comment. Missing was any hint of that phrase we often hear to the effect that the views expressed are not necessarily those of the management. To the contrary, they are consistent with the views of the management. The listener quoted was Mohamed Khodr.

“It is not about race. It’s also not about free speech, as some have charged. Nor is it about an alleged attempt by NPR to stifle conservative views.”

Of course it’s not.

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