When President George Dubya Bush held a Press Conference, at the conclusion of his prepared remarks he would look up into a sea of raised and waving reporter’s hands. Each journalist was vying for the opportunity to ask a question. Now watch Obama.

Today, as he was finishing his post-election remarks he reached into his pocket, pulled out a card or paper, placed it on the lectern, and without looking up named a reporter to ask the first question. Those are the facts. Here is the speculation.

In as much as he never looked up, obviously, the President knew who he was going to ask. It begs some questions. If the questioner was pre-selected, why? How did the reporter come to be the one selected? Did Obama know the question in advance?

The honored reporter asked a hard question and presented it smoothly. It was a question that a President in Obama’s shoes would surely want the opportunity to quickly put to rest. The reporter asked if the mid-term election was a referendum on Obama’s presidency. Obama responded in the negative of course, and there were no more questions on that issue. When he concluded there was no show of raised hands. Obama simply named the next journalist from whom he would take a question. And so it went.

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