The video is very disturbing. Obama praises India lavishly, asserting it is a land of great innovation but says America is flawed. You know he is referring to the United States when he says we are living in an era of greed with economic injustice that has endured down through the years. Indonesia does not recognize Israel’s right to exist. People from Israel are not allowed to enter the Muslim country today. Yet Obama praises Indonesia for its tolerance while reminding the world of slavery that has been extinguished for a century and a half.

America has made a horrible mistake. We have elected a man who despises us to lead us, a man whose dreams are of his father and whose heart is in his Indonesian and Muslim roots. We have elected as our President a man who sees our dominant status in the world to be a modern form of colonization, a power for bad, not a power for good.

We have chosen a man to lead today’s America who seeks retribution for slavery as though unaware that scourge was ended over 140 years ago, and that we did it from within with great sacrifice of blood, white blood we might add, shed in order that blacks might be free.

We have elected a man to lead us who is dedicated to change, but what he wants to change is not our faults but that which made us great. We have elected as our President a man who has publicly declared the Constitution he has sworn to uphold, along with the Declaration of Independence, are but a meaningless set of words. We have chosen to lead us a man who would subvert us, a man who seeks to take from those among us that which has been earned and distribute it to those who earned it not.

America has made a horrible mistake. And in so doing, we have proven the vulnerability of Democracy.

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To leave you on an upbeat note we close with a musical tribute to the people in our Army, Navy, Marines and Air  Force. It was filmed in Iraq. If we capture the enthusiasm of these men and women who serve us abroad, and I think we have, we will be triumphant in the ideological battle here at home.

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