This morning I christened the coffee shop at the wee hour of 5 AM and claimed my reserved seat by the side window. Imagine that! A reserved seat …in a coffee shop …at 5 am and not another customer in sight. The shop was coming to life as the crew, always a happy bunch here, were busy silently setting out croissants and newspapers for the usual hordes that were sure to come, but at this hour were just beginning to roll out of bed.

Usually this is when I write. But this morning I just sat and thought. With coffee in one hand and a donut in the other (conservatives are not given to eating croissants) I stared right through the walls and all the way to tomorrow. In this trance it occurred to me, I haven’t really become a political animal. I simply have risen spontaneously and temporarily to the defense of my country in time of crisis.

Like a bee who responds when there’s a threat to the hive, then goes back to flitting among the flowers when the crisis is past, so I will return to exploring the land and enjoying the pleasures of the way of life I have risen to defend. I hope it’s soon for my remaining years are short.

Bob B

One response to “ON A PERSONAL NOTE

  1. Like men who have joined the military during a crisis, and volunteers who have charged into a burning building to save someone, your spontaneous heroism is appreciated by all we conservative mortals who follow your blog, and by our Lord, I’m sure.

    Thank you, Bob, for all you have done for us, and for helping us digest the billions of bytes of information about our current crisis and putting them into perspective.

    You are truly a Gentleman and a Scholar, and you need to know you are blessed with a gift that few of us have.

    May your life continue for a long time, and your heroism never fade.


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