Michael Moore’s voice was quivering with rage as he spoke to the demonstrating Union members at Madison, Wisconsin. There can be no doubt he believes what he says. I award him a tarnished silver star for that because it is an honorable personal characteristic. The star isn’t golden because his sincerity stands alone as the only decent thing about the monstrous man. The star is tarnished because, although he believes what he says, he does not do according to what he believes.

The master maker of propaganda movies goes beyond the idea that the wealthy should give up some of their wealth in the name of “social justice”. He doesn’t believe it is their wealth in the first place.

Here are Michael Moore’s words.
America is not broke. Not by a long shot. The country is awash in wealth and cash. It is just that IT..IS..NOT..IN..YOUR..HANDS! It has been transferred in the greatest heist in history from the workers [to the portfolios of the super rich].

What Moore is saying is that the money and property now owned by the likes of Oliver Stone, Steve Jobs and your favorite sports star should stripped from them by the government and given to union workers from whom he believes it was literally stolen. To sincerely believe this, you must either (1) be handicapped with a extremely low level of intelligence or (2) have surrendered your mind and soul to envy (3) totally ignorant of right from wrong or (4) or demented.

Moore is smart. Given his personal wealth, I doubt he is consumed with envy. Moore does have a sense of right and wrong, although you may not agree with it. That leaves demented. That is as charitable as I can get.

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