From the U.K. Daily Mail
Mastermind of terror… or a doddery old fool?

The idealistic portrait of the guerilla leader secluded in his lair turns out to be an illusion. Footage of Osama Bin Laden’s life inside his shabby Abbottabad compound might have come from a care home in Hastings.

There he sits, in a woolly cap and brown blanket, silently rocking to and fro in front of a small TV.

We got it right in our post Al Zawahiri Is Al Qaeda. The once mighty man who sat astride a strong horse lost his power when his money ran out.

The Daily Mail sees two opposing messages coming from the United States: (1) Osama was a mastermind in charge of al Qaeda until his death, (2) the image of Osama as a fierce and competent leader was nothing but a myth.

It is an interesting article, well worth reading in its entirety.

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