Never mind Dolly Parton’s Italien cousine.  Just listen to the music.

4 responses to “IL VOLO DOES POP

  1. You are exactly right. If they were to adopt a style like Placido Domingo for instance, they would have staying power. I am not so sure they will be where they could be, say 10 years from now.

  2. Amethyst2012

    I think their managers are turning them into pop singers because they are so popular with teenage girls & this is the type of songs their fans would more readily accept. They are unique with beautiful voices & should actually be singing some opera arias as well as classical crossover music.

  3. Yes! I went to see them in concert at a Casino in Connecticut. Their performance was great but I was very disappointed because their handlers are dreadful. This is a unique trio and the managers are turning them into just another set of pop singers with their voices drowned out by the instruments, huge unrelated distracting video screens, managers coming on stage reading announcements poorly from a sheaf of papers in their hands, too much of it only in Italian without translation, poorly programmed lighting, and singing Jingle Bells and other Christmas songs in September.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed the concert. I just hope they break away from these managers. I love the boys.
    Bob B

  4. Just amazing, and these kids were 14 & 15 years old at the time – still just children with the voices of adult males.

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