We were had by the media in the sense it was not a hurricane that hit the Northeast coast.  We were had by the storm because it did so much damage that anyone without an anemometer and pluviometer would certainly think it was a hurricane.  No matter, we don’t sashay with them kind of unsophisticates.  It was just a bad storm.

A very bad storm.  Trees and power lines were brought down by the winds but most of the damage was caused by torrential rains.  A dozen towns in the inland state of Vermont are totally isolated, some normally accessible only by a bridge or two and the bridges are simply gone.


Postings will resume in earnest once the cleanup is done.  Right now we are swamped (no fun intended).

One thing is apparent; Obama and Boehner are having a good fight.  Barack was clever enough to try to rain on the Republican’s parade by stealing Sep 8th for his own show.  The Speaker responded with a well worded letter saying essentially – No way, Barack.  So far it looks like a fair fight.  It is a pleasure to see a Republican leader speak truth to power like that.  No discredit to Boehner, but it is the Tea Party that has given some Republicans the guts to forsake their traditional squeamishness.

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