Markets plunge after speech
Is it Europe or is it Barack Obama’s speech.  It’s both.  The common denominator is the playing out of socialistic agendas.  Europe was a little farther along Insolvency Road but Obama is propelling us to what may prove to be a photo finish.

BHO is FDR Redux, not Carter II
Minutes after Random Thots published Jobs and Economics a la Barack Obama, Steven Hayward published Obama vs. FDR.  Great minds think alike.  There is little doubt (in great minds, that is) that BHO is repeating FDR’s mistakes. Everyone should read The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes. It is the definitive work on FDR.  I would also refer you to my article in American Thinker on the Obama/Roosevelt comparison. (shameless plug).

Turner 50 – Weprin 44   WOW !
If you are not a woman you can never know what it is like to birth a baby.  If you are not from District 9 in Brooklyn you can never know the significance of Turner’s lead over Weprin.  It was about as likely as a Bernie Sanders endorsement of Sarah Palin.  We covered the race initially in Daily News Endorses Turner vs. Weprin. It is understandable why the President’s wife bowed her head and appeared to pray before her husband spoke.

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