The super-rich don’t need all that money.

Hi there!  My name is Joe.  There is no question about it; the super-rich don’t need all of their money.  Let me restate that so it sounds better; they don’t need all of the money they have.  I make 135,000 dollars a year.  That’s not bad but it doesn’t mean I’m rich.  If I made 200,000 I could live like a king.  That’s enough for anybody.  No one in my Saturday night bowling league makes that kind of money.

The man who gave me my job is super-rich.  I don’t know how much he makes but it must be big bucks because he has a lot of people working for him.  The government should take some of it away from people like that.  Let me say that differently so it sounds better.  They should pay more taxes.

Hola!  My name is José.  Rosa and me, we come here 4 year ago.  We both honest, and Rosa and me we both work hard.  We do okay.  We make, I think thirty, thirty five thousand.  I drive a truck.  Rosa cleans house for some rich people who make 135,000 dollars every year.  I don’t think they need all that mucho monies.  That’s okay; they give Rosa a job.

Hello!  People call me Horse because I am bigger and stronger than most of the other workers on the farm.  This year I pick strawberries.  Last year I worked on apples and peaches.  I loaded the heavy crates on a truck.  The driver was a nice man named José.  He didn’t lift crates; he didn’t have to.  José was rich.

—  oOo —

It’s true; the super rich don’t need all that much money.  But somehow I think we are all better off because they have it.  Think jobs,  Think hospitals and other philanthropies.  What would the world be like if no one was rich?

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