Thomas Sowell had this and more to say about the Hunger Hoax.  “The Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Agriculture examined people from a variety of income levels, however they found no evidence of malnutrition among those in the lowest income brackets.”  What’s wrong with the Republican politicians?  Why don’t they counter with this kind of evidence and expose the Democrats when they rant about a level of poverty and hunger that doesn’t exist?

[T]he great majority of the people living below the official poverty level have such things as air-conditioning, microwave ovens, either videocassette recorders or DVD players, and own either a car or a truck.

Why are such people called “poor”?  Because they meet the arbitrary criteria established by Washington bureaucrats.  Depending on what criteria are used, you can have as much official poverty as you want.

Those who believe in an expansive, nanny state government need a large number of people in “poverty” to justify their programs. They also need a large number of people dependent on government to provide the votes needed to keep the big nanny state going.

David Limbaugh is the mild mannered reverent brother of bombastic irreverent Rush.  Here is what David had to say about our President after listening to Obama’s press conference on October 6th.

Our chief executive either is a mastermind at Machiavellian manipulation or has deep psychological and emotional problems.  I’ve never seen an adult in an important leadership position — especially not the president of the United States — show such frightening immaturity and self-absorption.

Strong language for David, he doesn’t usually talk like Rush.  To see what led him to make that statement, read his entire post here.

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