What’s your doctor’s opinion of Obamacare?  Most doctors are tight-lipped with patients who ask where the doctor stands on Obamacare.  With political issues are as tense as they are today, any discussion has the potential of becoming a contentious one.  Doctors are there to heal, not to open wounds.  So we must look elsewhere for the answer to the question and we find your doctor’s opinion is decidedly negative.

The American Medical Association (AMA) was for more than 160 years the primary organization representing the interests of physicians in America.  It is the medical association most often quoted by the media.  The AMA supports Obamacare.  Doctors are leaving the AMA in droves.  Fully 47% cited their reason for discontinuing their membership was the association’s support for Obamacare.  After the exodus, only 17% of doctors practicing in America continue as members.  Now that’s a statement!

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) does take a haircut out of reimbursements to physicians for services rendered to Medicare and Medicaid patients.  But to say that this is the only reason for their opposition to the Obama/Pelosi plan would be to indict the whole fraternity of physicians as unable to keep their priorities straight.  Such is simply not the case.

Sally Pipes, writing for Forbes:

More than three times as many doctors believe that the quality of American health care will “deteriorate” rather than “improve” under ObamaCare.  Nine of ten physicians think ObamaCare will have a negative impact on their profession.

Another gripe is that nothing in ObamaCare addresses the problem of defensive medicine that physicians feel forced to do as protection against frivolous lawsuits.  There is no tort reform in the new law.  Physicians are there to heal, not to practice law.  They do not like putting their patients through procedures for legal reasons, procedures they would not do for health reasons.

So now you know.  Unless your doctor is one of a small minority, he has a very negative view of Obamacare.  But he will be slow to tell you that.

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