POLITICO reports:  Herman Cain accused by two women of inappropriate behavior

If you know the Democrats you knew this was coming.  The Party of Personal Destruction must spend half of their campaign finance money to find or make up dirt to sully their opponents or “enemies” as the current lot calls them.  It could backfire if it brings in some liberal votes from those who think it makes Cain look more Clintonesque.

Anonymous women make unspecified gestures and the target is immediately put on the defensive.  Call me biased or call me cynical, but I know the odds; and the odds are it’s Anita Hill Redux.  Odds are, I must admit, just a bet.  It’s a sad state when a reasonable man feels the odds are in favor of an American political party having degraded itself to this level rather than more traditionally plausible possibility that a man stepped over the line to cherchez la femme.

The unmitigated and totally invented filth thrown on Sarah Palin and her daughter is support enough to view the allegations against Cain with suspicion.  The attempt by certain members of the Black caucus to charge Tea Party demonstrators protesting Obamacare with spits and slurs is another.  Even a lowly honest plumber named Joe isn’t immune to these character assassins.


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